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Michele Porelli


Welcome! This is a little site about my life and all my activities mostly just an extension dump for my brain's forgetful tendencies.

I know that my site is really slow, currently it is hosted on my router with limited computing capabilities. I'm afraid but I can't move the site on a faster machine at this time. - Now it is hosted by a cheap hosting. Please, be patient!

  • University - There are lot of materials about exams of Information Technology course of the Politecnico di Torino
  • Hardware hacking - Why buy new computer hardware when you can improve and repair it?
  • Scout - Materials about activities, games and much more!
  • Humor - Smile to your life… and she'll smile you!


  • Giuseppe Tipladi - IPv4 (currently down, anyway you can reach the site using the IPv6 gateway: short address) or IPv6
  • Carlo Ponissi (note: if you are redirected to you are a false-positive spammer :\ you can try changing ip address, setting a proxy or, if have ipv6 connectivity, using the IPv6-IPv4 gateway)
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