D-Link DSM-G600

This is an old NAS not really powerful but useful for low-load works


Original firmware was built using 2.4 branch kernel. Unfortunately with an old kernel like this and d-link stripped distribution a lot of thing can't be done. The community of site http://dsmg600.info had collected a lot of info and written some guides to extend original firmware functionality, for example I wrote a guide to install MLDonkey and I made a package to simplify customizing of this device.

Linux 2.4 (Gentoo/Debian)

Using kexec, modifying bootloader or using chroot technique we was able to use a more complete distribution, however we won't be able to built a working 2.6 kernel, you can find forum problems related to 2.6 compiling.


NetBSD can be installed following this guide, it runs very well and have a lot of less limitation then 2.4 Linux kernel. Currently I'm an happy NetBSD user :)

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