Unlock from 3 Italy (or other operators)

* Tested only on Windows XP Home *

  1. Install your dongle as you would use it with 3
  2. check the COM port assigned to the modem
  3. open putty or your favorite terminal app and connect to the previous port
  4. type “AT+ZDIAG=1” and press enter
  5. type “AT+ZCDRUN=E” and press enter
  6. disconnect and re-plug the usb dongle
  7. now you should see two different COM's used by the internet key, change the diagnostic one to COM1
  8. download ZTE2.rar or UnlockUSBDongleFree.zip that you can easly find on the net
  9. unzip the archive and run FlashUpdate.exe
  10. wait about 19 minutes
  11. enjoy :)

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