After power on:

  • Hold “c” → Boot from cdrom
  • Hold “o” + “f” + “command” + “option” → Boot in OpenFirmware shell
  • Hold “option” → Select boot drive between cdrom, (blessed) internal partitions, (blessed) partition on FireWire disk. NO USB SUPPORT
  • Holt “t” → Start up in Target Disk Mode (via FireWire)

Another table with more shortcuts

Shell commands

  • printenv boot-device → Print current default boot device/elf

Boot an elf

  1. powerup your mac in openfirmware shell
  2. type: boot hd:6,grub.elf

NOTE: 6 is partition contains the elf binary, grub.elf is the elf name

If you would change your default elf at the boot time type: setenv boot-device hd:6,grub.elf


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