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 ====== Wine ====== ====== Wine ======
 +===== Microsoft Office 2010 =====
 +It works fine using PlayOnLinux wizard, anyway there are some missing things:
 +  * POL don't create all shortcuts (Publisher, Access and One Note are missing)
 +  * You could notice that MS Office will create many .lnk files in your file's path and your home/desktop. You can avoid this behavior creating a Recent folder inside POL wine prefix[(http://www.gravitycomputing.co.nz/microsoft-office-linux-lnk-wine/)]<code>$ mkdir .PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/<PlayOnLinux prefix name>/drive_c/users/<your username>/Recent</code> 
 ===== Font rendering problem with X11 remote display ===== ===== Font rendering problem with X11 remote display =====
 Add to .wine/user.reg Add to .wine/user.reg
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